Top beaches of goa (India)

Top five beach

Goa’s 103 km coastline is blessed with the most enchanting beaches

Forget the beaches of Australia, Thailand or Bali and head to some of the most amazing beaches of Goa. The former Portuguese colony boasts of some incredibly scenic beaches that offer everything from parties to adventure, solitude to sunbathing.

We list five of the best beaches of Goa.

Mandrem Beach

Situated in North Goa, Mandrem is a tranquil beach and counted among the most beautiful beaches in Asia. Serene and scenic, Mandrem is preferred by honeymooners. The secluded beach provides the much needed privacy for the honeymooners.

A sleepy small village, there is nothing much to do in Mandrem. Laze around on the beach or take a swim in the clear waters or visit the eateries to enjoy local food, Mandrem is ideal for do-nothing vacation.

Agonda Beach

Counted among the most scenic beaches in Asia, Agonda Beach is serene and clean beach. It is ideal if you want to spend time meditating, catch up on your reading or simply, enjoying the sun.

Renowned for its beach parties, some of Goa’s beaches are also ideal for enjoying in solitude

Agonda is relatively less crowded than the other beaches of Goa. And that means lesser crowds, more privacy and loads of opportunities to enjoy solitude.

If you crave for some activity, jump on a country boat and go dolphin spotting. Cabo de rama and Cola beach are also worth a visit.

Baga Beach

One of the most popular tourist spots in Goa, Baga is known for its beach parties, nightlife and amazing seafood served at its beach shacks and restaurants.

During tourist season, the beach is line with rows of shacks. It is famous for its water sports and dolphin cruises. If interested in wind surfing Baga beach also offers an opportunity to enjoy Wind Surfing between January and March. National Wind Surfing Championship is also conducted every year around September – November at the Baga beach.

Sun, surf, sand and awesome cuisine — Goa’s beaches offers it all

Candolim Beach
Situated very close to Baga, Candolim’s beach is counted amongst the most beautiful beaches in India. Under the shadow of popular beaches like Baga and Calangute, Candolim escapes the hordes that visit Goa during peak season.

Candolim village has another reason to fame. It was the first village to convert to Christianity in the 16th century.

Cavelossim Beach

Situated at the mouth of Sal River, Cavelossim beach is serene, flanked by paddy fields and coconut groves. As most tourists head for the more popular beaches, Cavelossim witnesses less crowds. Its contrasting black rocks and white sand make it a delightful beach for a pleasant evening.





!! ए दिवा तू भाग्य विधाता है..!!

मेरी उष्म सुबह और थकी हुई शाम..

कर दी है मैंने ए दिवा आज  तेरे नाम,

जब भी सोते है तो तेरे बारे में सोचकर|

क्या पाएंगे , क्या खोएंगे तेरे समक्ष आकर,

एक बार आके तू  न जाने कहाँ चला जाता है |

ढूंढने, मांगने और रोने से भी तू वापस नही आता है,

जब घोर तम निशा का चहुँ और
छा जाता है,

तो तू ही आके भोर से इस तमस को निगल जाता है |

तू सर्वस्व  विधाता है ,

तू जिसका बन जाता है

वो हँसते -हँसते   इस जीवन को जी जाता है|

ए दिवा तू भाग्य विधाता है |

ए दिवा तू भाग्य विधाता है ||

Pankaj mishra

!! Some lines for unexpected rain….in my local region !!

इन बिन बरसाती रातों में क्यूँ बारिश का पहरा है,

इन ख़ामोशी की रातों में क्यूँ बादल ने आसमां घेरा है |

खाली पेड़ों की डालें आज यहाँ पत्तों को तरसी है,

इस बारिश की बौछारें बिन मौसम के बरसी है |

बूँदों से है भीग गया ये सारा जहां,

छोड़ गयी है ये वर्षा अपने पीछे बर्बादी के निशां |

अब मंजर वो बर्बादी का चहुँ ऒर नज़र आता है

सोचकर दशा उन खेतों की वो कृषक भयभीत मन ही मन हो जाता है |

इस घोर व्यथा से घुटकरके वो जीते जी मर जाता है |

Pankaj mishra

A Bud is going to grow on the ground.

Filled with the hope of living,
A bud is bloomed ;
Without care of happenings around,
The way is full of thorns and wounds;
But still here  a melodious sound is found,
Oh, delicate  how can you alone in this world’s ground;
Your softness is so abnormal,
Even you are touched  by this natural wind;
Nothing is good  all of its behind..
For some purposes this world want you
to find,
It is praiseworthy being all of  this,
“A bud is going to grow on this ground.”

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A Morning

When the sun rises,
Day begins , then it plays
A farmer who goes to farms,
Birds Chippering in their sounds,
They flying high in sky with no bounds;
Waiting is over the sun spreads  its rays all around,
How lovely looks that ground,
Which seems yellowish all around;
Everyone is in hurry;
To reach their workplace they worry,
It seems everyone is busy.



“Tomorrow will never comes.”

I go to bed each night
with plans for tomorrow.
Making promises to myself
that deep inside,
I know I’ll never keep.

“Tomorrow I will.”
“Tomorrow I will.”
“Tomorrow I will.”

I chant nightly,
as if it were my ritual.

my will is different,
but my result
is always the same.

always has its own

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