Unwanted problems of india

It is very hard to understand that what is happening in india now a days.whenever narendra modi took the oath for pm of india a slogan “acche din aane wale hai” was cited by every mouth…but in  contrary of all these present circumstances is all around us.what is the reason behind it…’week monsoon’,yes of course, it is.
Situation is not appropriate.there is a crisis for modi sarkar.there is no proper light & water resources in capital of india.
Opposition are questioning…what about vows?  Which type of ruling this is..?

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Yeh Kaisi Judai Hai Jisne Hamein Shayar Bana Diya,
Yeh Kaisa Gam Hai Jisne Hamein Bebas Bana Diya,
Socha Nahi Tha Juda Ho Jaoge Humse Kabhi,
Karte Bhi Kya Jab Apne He Gair Bana Diya…