Cave temple

A temple which is known for its uniqueness that is situated in bangalore…special talk is that sun rays fall here once in a year..must .


Visit it……..


Advancement of the people

It is become necessary in modern age “how advance you are..” some prople take it unnecessarily..they want to live with their own and simple way .But some can’t live without it they consider it a important thing of their life…in a society people want to show their neighbours his as a child starts his efforts to gain his self respect and bright future.a young boy in search of  good business or job for his livlihood..he wants his circle all around….in this way he wants to live in relationships with his girlfriends and a girl wuth boyfriends…they want a short moment of enjoyment in life .During all of these they do a lot of evil deeds and mistakes.Which can’t make improve..and that are appearing infront us in form of  social challenges…we should not be so advance that we can’t be simple and sweet .
Because “ Missings are improvable not mistakes.”

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