today it’s vnery special day for me because the life is in  ease …i can’t  express because the happenings all around us much remarkab le.



Nain gam karan tan main mar javan,
mere yaar di yari kuj hor ho gayi,
jeda nazran de nal sohna takda si,
akh ohi te nazar kuj hor ho gayi.
Aandhiyon me bhi jaise kuch chirag jala kartey hai,
Utni hi himmat e hausla hum bhi rakha kartey hai,
Manzilon abhi aur dur hai hamari Manzil,
Chaand sitarey to raahon me mila kartey hai.
Tairana hai to Sagar ki Laharon me tairo, kinaron me kya rakkha hai !
Mohabbat karana hai to Vatan se karo,Ladakiyon me kya rakkha hai !!
Jo ab tak naa khola, woh khun nahi pani hai
Jo desh ke kaam naa aaye woh bekaar jawaani hai!!

Recognize yourself

Sometimes how you frame a problem can determine the solution.The most commonly asked question is :how do i recognize myself? We have to select a person means a saint …it is helpful because a person can’t see the danzer upon himself……so a saint who is sacred can tell and help us in taking decision in this way our problems will be solved…